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Watering Air Revitalisor Air Purifier Hepa Filter Humidifier

Watering Air Revitalisor Air Purifier Hepa Filter Humidifier

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Product details of Watering Air Revitalisor Air Purifier Hepa Filter Humidifier

  • Sterilization function: Quickly kill 86.4% of harmful bacteria, molds and various bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye in the air, and effectively prevent various diseases.
  • Dust removal function: effectively remove dust, pollen, micro particles in the air.
  • Decomposition function: Quickly decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, helium and carbon dioxide in the air.
  • Purification function: through the pure plant refinement liquid water molecules release a large number of negative ions, aromatic factors, regeneration factors produce fresh oxygen, the overall purification of air quality.
  • Adjusting the humidity function: The proper humidity is a necessary condition for a healthy life. Forest Spring Water Oxygen Bar turns harmful ozone into negative ions. The reaction of 03+2H+2E→02+H20 produces water molecules that help maintain a certain humidity.
  • * This product has been tested by the Institute of Environment and Health-related Product Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The test results are as follows:
  • The efficiency of cleaning formaldehyde in the air for 1 hour is 21.1%, and the amount of clean air is 7.11m3/h.
  • The elimination rate of natural bacteria in the air for 3 hours was 86.4%.
  • Item Name:Air Purifier
  • Standard Model:KS-01L(with 6 blue LED lights)


  • Color 6 colors: green,blue, black, white, pink, violet,
  • Moter Power: 10W
  • Voltage:AC200V-230V 50/60Hz
  • Speed: 2200-2300rpm
  • Electric wire:1.5m
  • Water Capacity:700ML
  • LED light:6 LED blue lights
  • Capacity:Max: 1000ml Min: 400ml
  • Material:ABS+PP Bottle: PET
  • Accessories:manual
  • Size of machine:18.5*18.5*16cm
  • Size of box:19*19*16.5cm
  • N/W:604g/pc
  • G/W:768g/pc


  • Direction of use:
  • 1. When your air purifier is not in use, please disconnect the cord from the outlet before removing the top.
  • 2. Do not dip the top into water or rinse it directly.
  • 3. When washing the basin, you can use clean water instead of detergent. For the top, you should wipe it with a wet cloth or sponge.
  • 4. Please make sure the water basin is filled to the MAX line and never below the MIN line.
  • 5. It is better to replace the water once a day.
  • Use essential oils or water soluble essential oils


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