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Mi Amor'e

Mi Amore POOP BUSTER! Toilet Spray, Odor Eliminator, POOP spray before yo go!

Mi Amore POOP BUSTER! Toilet Spray, Odor Eliminator, POOP spray before yo go!

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* POOP BUSTER Before-You-Go Toilet Spray leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

*Does more than cover-up or eliminate odors, it prevents them from invading the air.

* POOP BUSTER is made with essential oils and other plant-based ingredients that trap #2 odor, so you can go in confidence - 100% guaranteed.

*Unique essential oil formula helps your home beyond the bathroom—use it to combat strong laundry, nursery and trash bin odors too.

How it works: Spritz 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl on the waters surface. Proceed to use the throne as usual. The essential oils create a barrier trapping odor under the surface, before it begins! Made with a blend of essential oils and plant-based ingredients, our revolutionary Before-You-Go Toilet Spray makes going #2 easy-breezy without making you sneezy. Contains no parabens, no phthalates, no aerosols and no formaldehyde.

*No more embarrassing bathroom exit!

Just spray before yo "go" and no one will ever know! 🤫🤫💩💩💩

✅Available in 5 unique and 10X long lasting scents
✅Made from premium and quality ingredients from Australia
✅ Last up to 500 sprays
✅Kills 99.9% of germs
✅Avoid germs in public restrooms
✅Eliminate bad odors instantly
✅ Non-toxic
✅Paraben free
✅safe for kids,pregnants and pets
✅All natural ingredients
✅Travel friendly and handy
✅Suitable for homes, office, shared toilets and public restrooms                              ✅Perfect for gift ideas


*Shake well!
*BEFORE doing your business, spritz 2-3 sprays into the toilet bowl.
*Sit down
*Do your "thing"
*Wash hands
*Optional: Spray another 2-3x in the air!

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