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HELMET SPRAY Disinfectant&Deodorizer Premium Quality by Mi Amore

HELMET SPRAY Disinfectant&Deodorizer Premium Quality by Mi Amore

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Helmet smells so bad? DON'T WORRY Mi Amore Helmet Spray is the best defense against bad odor and germs.

Mi Amore Helmet Spray is Formulated to deodorizes helmet and including all kinds of headgears. This is fabric safe. Made from skin safe natural ingredients, Non-toxic and infused with refreshing scents.This formula kills the unpleasant smelling particles and leaving a pleasant scent.

It quickly kills bacteria, fungi, dirt, sweat while removing odours effectively and naturally.
Freshens and cleans your helmets or any headgear with just a few sprays!

-Antibacterial kills 99.9% of germs
-Leaves a refreshing fragrance
-With moisturizer to prevent skin dryness

Mi AmoreHelmet Spray is also applicable to other motorcycle riding accessories such as gloves, jackets, caps, shoes, vehicle interiors and many more...

* Spray directly onto helmet or any head gears.
* Wait for item to dry before using.
* Spray as and when required for best results.
* No rinsing required.

* Do not swallow.
* Safe on the skin.
* Keep out of direct sunlight.
* Keep tightly closed.
* Store at room temperature not exceeding 30ºC.
* Keep out of reach of children.
* Avoid applying on hair or in close proximity to the eyes.
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