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Portable Humidifier,Air Humidifier, Car USB Humidifiers ,Night Light Portable Auto Diffuser Purifiers

Portable Humidifier,Air Humidifier, Car USB Humidifiers ,Night Light Portable Auto Diffuser Purifiers

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Product Description

Portable USB Travel 250ml Cool Mist Ultrasonic Desktop Humidifier

[Product Specifications]:

1. Product Name: Air humidifier

2. Product size: 66 * 68 * 162mm

3. Product net weight: 140g

4. Water storage capacity: 250ML

5. Rated voltage: DC5V 6. Rated power: 2W 7. Spray amount: 35ML / H.


[Humidifier advantage]

Quiet, high-quality humidifier: The humidifier operates at 30 decibels and is suitable for use in baby rooms, bedrooms, offices, car humidifiers, yoga or spas (operating noise levels even lower than the sound of blowers). Therefore, it will quietly humidify without affecting your study, work or sleep.

A variety of atomization modes: With a sensitive touch button, the humidifier can not only open and close, but also adjust the 2-stage atomization mode.

Appropriate water capacity: Two timer options (continuous/intermittent), 250 ml / 8.8 ounces of water for approximately 4 hours (8 hours intermittent) and automatically shut off when water is exhausted. Don't worry about burning.

Stylish Night Lights: This mini humidifier creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere with 7 coloured mood lights and soft lighting for children and babies.


[Instructions for use] *

1, please use tap water or mineral water or water-soluble essential oil, do not use pure water or distilled water, otherwise there will be no fog or smoke condensation beads. *

2. Turn on the humidifier. *

3. Inject tap water or mineral water into the humidifier. *

4. The cotton filter was soaked in water and wetted after being taken out of the plastic tube on the lid. Then put the filter back in the pipe. *

5. Screw the cover back into the humidifier and connect the USB cable to the power source. *

6. Press the power button to start humidification immediately. *

7. If there is water on the surface of the atomizing plate, wipe the water with a clean paper towel. *

8, do not open the spray without water, long-term lack of water will cause damage to internal components * 9. If the spray volume becomes small for a long time, remove the cotton swab and install it on the other end, or replace the cotton swab.

How to replace the cotton filter: Always wet in water before using a new cotton filter.

1. Remove the plastic tube and remove the used cotton filter.

2. Place the newly soaked cotton filter in the pipe. (make sure the spring is still there)

3. Put the tube back on the lid and tighten.


Function key operation instructions

Spray: Click the function button to default spray

Night illumination: Press and hold the function button for 2 seconds for the first time, turn on the color night light mode, press for 2 seconds,

press and hold the fixed light, then press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off the night light mode.


[including products]

1 xUSB humidifier

1 USB cable

1 x cotton filter

1 x box


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